Inflatables & Pricing


Thank you so much #Lethbridge for an amazing 9 years! The support has been excellent. In order to allocate more time with friends and family we will no longer be renting inflatables.

Inventory will be for sale. Our other ventures will continue. Thank you for letting us be a part of your events over the years!

Blue Castle

Size: 15′ x 15′ Bouncer. Castle with tall towers! Mesh windows for viewing on all sides. All ages.

3 Hours: $185 4 Hours: $215 7 Hours: $245


Rent the Blue Castle now

Bouncing Monkey

Size: 15′ x 15′ monkey holding a banana. Large monkey head bounces around as kids jump! Recommended for younger kids.

3 Hours: $185 4 Hours: $215 7 Hours: $245

monkey bouncer lethbridge

Rent Bouncing Monkey

Water Balls

Our 40′ pool includes up to 6 water balls for this unique and exhilarating attraction. Try to walk, run, and play on water and stay dry!

Special Events



Size: 15′ x 15′ Spiderman. Open roof and mesh sides. Great for kids of any age.

3 Hours: $185 4 Hours: $215 7 Hours: $245

spiderman bouncer lethbridge
Rent Spiderman Bouncer

Horse n' Slide

15′ x 16′ Bouncing area and slide! Perfect for smaller children. Mesh viewing windows at front and back.

3 Hours: $290 4 Hours: $340 7 Hours: $420

Rent our horse-n-slide bouncer fun and jump

Rent Horse n Slide

Two-Person Air Sphere

Our double hulled, dual harness, Air Sphere is designed for two. Complete with waist, arm, and leg straps. Not for the faint of heart. We make this available for special events only.

Special Events



Giant Slide

30′ Giant Slide. Popular for larger events and parties! Slide down, hop back in line, and do it again!

3 Hours: $290 4 Hours: $340 7 Hours: $420


Rent a Giant Slide

Bungee Run

Competition time! Two lanes with a velcro markers to measure how far you can go!

3 Hours: $290 4 Hours: $340 7 Hours: $420


Rent a Bungee Run

Obstacle Course

60′ Long Dual Lane with two slides! This mammoth unit is excellent for large volume crowds.

3 Hours: $540 4 Hours: $600 7 Hours: $740


Rent an Obstacle Course

Mega Dartboard

Huge double sided dartboard! Comes with softball sized velcro balls. Ability to customize and swap out numbers.

All Day: $85

mega dartboard rental lethbridge
Rent a Mega Dartboard

Air Dancer

This attention grabbing air dancer waves to the crowds. Delivered attached to blower.

All Day: $60

Rent an Air Dancer

24' Blimp

Fill this 24′ blimp with helium or cold air to bring some attention to your event or promotion!

All Day: $60

Rent a Blimp