Water Balls

Watch this video!

Ever wanted to walk on water?
Come join us at one of our Special Events to experience it for yourself!
Hop in and stay dry as you run, relax, and have a blast while staying dry in our water balls!

Want us at your event? Please Contact Us.
We bring a popup Water Ball attraction to your large event or festival on a pay-per-rider basis.

Water Balls can be rented out for Private events only. To see if your event is eligible please send us a note.
Interested in renting? Please note:

We have a big pool! Our Water Ball pool is filled with 50,000 litres of water. Only have a garden hose? Be prepared to wait around for 25 hours while it fills! Fire hose? 5-6 hours.

You’ll need to make certain you have access to an appropriate draining system close by. We pump out the water with about 20′ of hose.

Rental pricing: $1200 ($400 each additional day)

Rentals include delivery, pool inflation, ramp & ball setup, dry and tear down.
Equipment included is 30′ x 40′ Pool, Water Balls, Blowers, and Ramps.

Please note rental pricing does not include staff to fill or drain pool.
Fill and drain time dependant on hoses used, indoors/outdoors, appropriate draining, etc..
Staff supplied to fill and drain pool at $40/hr